2008 Wing Car Worlds

04.07.2008 15:52



A wonderful World Cup! 
That must be our first one imitate. 

There really has everything fit. Ok, at the beginning,

it was for me a party like many others.

 But for all the others it was a World Cup. 


The expectations were very high. The disappointments too.

There was already a bubbling in the air, as I have many people did not know.

 But our girls at the bar with her have the best homemade

food in the world "very loosely turn. - When the flushing is always hard Horst. 

Such a Horst simply must have if you have a World Cup will make.

And a Gabi and the Susi and Sarah and the Anett. Without it is not. 

Klaus is right, not wanted to win, although he could have. 

But I was not better. My race was disastrous.But who is such a great party,

need not even luck in the race. 
All my friends from around the world were present. 

And many new friends to come. Ok, are all the Bekloppte, but wonderfully 

Bekloppte. It has huge fun with the guys one week to bet on. 

We were all always the winner. 
Yeah and Siggi. The man on the throne.Fully unrasiert he angebrüllt all again. 

He was the only one who Bekloppten all under control. 

And no one has mentioned him how excited he was to his first World Cup.

 I would have the Rennleiterjob not want to do. Now he's famous. 

He now assume. 

This G7 finals was just gigantic. Until the last turn was between Mario,

Forrest, Petr and Lada everything. 
The winner is then Vladimir Horky, alias "Lada". 

The guy has dung all 3 major races won. His quality was shit at 7.

But after he was Vice-8 times, it should work this time. 

And it worked out. Now it's finally all World Championship title.

Lada has more concentrated on the race than on quality. 
There should be a heavy, sturdy chassis.

Mario is also to the German Open much effort is required if the train will keep record. 

The best German was Heiko. After a year Flügelfahrerei he was

very forward with it. To the next World Cup, we will be quite

aufmischen boys. Promise. 

All gone. 

We have the picture a little late. 
Actually, we had already forgotten. A few drivers were already gone.

 But there are still very many. And the fastest in the world!