Radcovick F1 1/28

03.07.2008 08:38



A Great new “Club Class” is catching on in the Czech Republic -

1/28th scale Formula One. The cars are sidewinder and around

half way between 1/24 and 1/32 scale, which makes handling better

than 1/32, but not as large as 1/24th scale which brings the attendant

problems of lane spacing with some club tracks and even wide

tracks when racing 1/24 “open wheelers”.

Chassis Design is by the legendary Michal Radcovick, cut from spring steel

with moving side pans and a good strong but flexible centre section, the

chassis proves just great for fun, even, low cost, competitive racing.

The body is specially made for the racing class.

Price for the chassis is as follows;-
Kit;- £22.95
Built Chassis;- £36.35



AB Slotsport is delighted to offer these cars to clubs looking for a Club Class with the extra Pazaz!